Selling my DP2x to help fund an DP2m!

From what I can tell I'm the third owner.

This camera was released last year actually, this one is just out of warranty.

I recently sent it to Sigma USA for a $165 dollar repair for the focusing mechanism, this was last month, it has a 90 day warranty on the work.

It comes with all original accessories, box, and 2 spare batteries, it also has a screen protector installed.

- Hood
- Filter adapter
- UV Filter
- 2 Sigma batteries
- DP2x with original box and accessories inside of it
- Warranty receipt should it go wrong

I've taken care of this camera, it's always in a padded bag and used sparingly.

It produces fantastic images and it being the latest version from the Merrill, the analog front end produces some fantastic color renderings out of the camera.

There is something about the Foveon which always captures me as it being the closest digital camera to film.

That's why i'm sticking with the family despite shortcomings.

$390 shipped/Paypalled in CONUS.

Some photos taken with this fabulous camera: