Phase One P45+ and Hasselblad H1 System

Hello All,

Recently, I have received inquires asking if I would be willing to break up my system and sell the components a la carte. I have also been asked if there was any flexibility in my price. I am happy to say YES to both! So here are the current options...

As I mentioned in my original ad, I am a professional fine-art photographer living in San Diego. I originally purchased my Phase One P45+ digital back and Hasselblad H1 system for a studio project which is now done and I am returning to my traditional 8x10 landscape work so... here is what I have for sale!

Phase One P45+ with H Mount

Note: I really think that the P45+ is a huge improvement over the standard P45.

Only 1486 Actuations, almost all studio work.

Purchased new from Capture Integration in June 2006; 1-year of value added warranty remaining. The value-added warranty includes the following:

* 1-Year Replacement Loaner International Warranty remaining

* 1-Year Free Platform Swap remaining -- YES! you can have this back changed to fit other cameras!

* Metallic Amabilia Hard Case
* Capture One Pro software
* Dual-Bay battery charger
* Two 2500 mAh batteries
* Viewfinder mask
* 4.5m Firewire Cable
* DigiClean kit
* SanDisk CF card reader
* Leather Binder Containing: a hard copy manual, LCC calibration kit

The current price for a new P45+ with the value-added warranty is $33,000.
My price: $23,900, plus whatever shipping to you costs.

Also, I will bundle the following Hasselblad H1 System together with the Phase One P45+ back for $29,900 complete.

However, I will only consider selling the Hasselblad system separately after I have sold the Phase One P45+ back.

Hasselblad H1 Body

Hasselblad HV 90x Viewfinder

Hasselblad HC 3.5/35mm Lens

Hasselblad HC 3.5/50-110mm Zoom Lens

120 film back

Battery charger, two batteries, circular polarizer, (3) 1.2 ND filters, and printed manual.

LowePro CompuTrekker Plus AW backpack that holds everything plus a laptop very nicely.

Everything is in perfect working order.


Note: Tripod and laptop computer seen in the following pictures are not included.