I recently discovered that my Canon 35/2 had signs of coating degradation What once used to be a sharp, flare resistant lens became a soft, flare-prone lens. As sad as that is, I've taken it as an opportunity to try something new.

If anyone has a 35 Summaron, either the 3.5 or 2.8 version, in either M or LTM, that they're looking to sell for a good price, I'd be more than happy to consider it.

I talked to Youxin Ye about this, and he said he had a 3.5 LTM Summaron for sale, CLA'd by himself, 9/10 glass condition, 8.5/10 body condition, for about $380 shipped to Canada... I suppose that's the price I'm looking for for the 35/3.5 Summaron.

I'm not sure if I can afford it, but I'm also open to the 35/2.8... preferably no goggles. I doubt I can afford much more than $650 shipped to Canada...

I'm looking for lenses with good glass, good mechanical condition (aperture is clicky, smooth), smooth focusing.

I'm located in Canada

Thanks for your time!