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Thread: WTB: Lighting equipment (local preferred)

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    WTB: Lighting equipment (local preferred)

    I am trying to rebuild my studio/location setup after a long absence from portraiture. Instead of buying odds and ends piecemeal I am looking for some people who are interested in selling equipment in chunks rather than buying a speedring from Person X and a softbox from Person Y.

    I used Hensel back in the day but not wedded to any particular system at this point, though I have a bit of a bit of a soft spot for the new Elinchrom QRs. I also have a couple of speedlights floating around, so some secondary gear for them wouldn't be so bad either.

    Edit: Please no PCB...

    Mainly looking for:

    - Light stands/booms
    - Clamps/Shoe mounts/Speedrings
    - Softboxes/Strips/Grids up to about 50"
    - One or two umbrellas
    - Location lighting
    - I will probably buy monos down the road

    I would prefer a local transaction in Southern California, unless you really want to ship! I know this is a bit vague, but just contact me and maybe we can work something out.
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