For sale is the Gitzo GH5380S Systematic Ball Head.

The Gitzo GH5380S Systematic Ball Head is a high-quality head especially ideal for use with long and ultra long lenses, used on a Systematic series tripod. Since long lenses require ultra smooth control, this head features a revolutionary hydraulic locking system placed inside the ball. This system, besides for generating a strong locking power (equivalent to 480kg/1022 lbs of pressure), allows for a quicker and more ergonomic control.

I bought this in May 2012. Comes with box and all other accessories.

Cosmetic condition is 9.

Believe it or not, I only use this ball head for landscapes and not wildlife because I was using a 503CW on it. Therefore condition is excellent.

Asking price: 200 excluding shipping.

Information about the ball head can be found on the Gitzo page here.