For sale is my duplicated ALPA SWC in black with the Phase One wake up cable built into the grip. The condition is mint. My price is $3800.

I am also selling some lens for the ALPA system: 1) Rodenstock Apo 28mm HR. the condition is excellent. My price is $5750.

2) Schneider Apo Digitar 35mm XL. The condition is mint like new (I have not used it). My price is $3995.

3) Schneider 47mm XL. This lens is for film 6x9 since it has a huge image circle. This lens is now very difficult to find and if you are a film user then this lens is a must. The lens can also be used with digital back and is tack sharp. The lens is mint like new since I have not use this lens. My sale price is $3500

4) Rodenstock 70mm HR. The lens is mint but was used and well care for. The sale price is $3500.