As I'd really like to have this gone and have the money for Christmas, price is down to $AUD4,000.00 (previously $AUD4,550)

Take advantage of my Christmas spirit and get a bargain. All you need to add is a back - either film or digital.

No offers please.

Details from my previous ad:
H2 body ONLY with P90 viewfinder and CR123 battery pack plus 6 (new) batteries and HC 50-110mm zoom f3.5-4.5 for sale. NOTE: NO BACK IS INCLUDED. Takes film (HM 16-32 for 120/220 Film - prices range from $250 on eBay - $995.00 at BH) or digital backs such as PhaseOne, Leaf etc.

See photos at my Photobucket album

I will not sell the lens separately unless the camera goes first. One leaf on the lens cap on this lens is bent, I dropped it and half ran over it unawares. It may be able to be straightened, but at widest zoom you can see it in the frame. Doesn't show on zoom over 55mm.

I have used this equipment for my landscape photography (with PhaseOneP20), you can view my images on my website at Home | Photography by Odille The P20 back is not included as it needs a new condenser and the camera cannot 'talk' with it at the moment. repair was quoted at $AUD2,000 and I just can't afford it. If anyone wanted it with the camera I'll let it go for a reasonable offer, email me and we can talk.

Price: WAS Body/viewfinder/battery grip with 6 batteries - $2050 & Lens $2,500 [/SIZE]NOW ONLY $AUD4000!
NOTE price does not include postage.

A superb piece of equipment and offers a wide dynamic range for excellent resolution of images. Both items come in their boxes.