The Mamiya 300mm F2.8 APO is excellent condition. The kit comes complete with the lens, the lens cover, hood extension, rear cap, colored filter set, case and keys. The lens functions perfectly - focus is smooth and even, the aperture ring clicks cleanly from stop-to-stop, tripod collar rotates smoothly and locks into place. There is also a focus limiter function (functions correctly too) and a complete set of drop in filters (which have probably never been used). The glass is scratch free and does not show any cleaning marks. I've looked through the lens and did not see any hairs or dark dust spots. The lens is ~20 years old, so there will be some dust. The only obvious signs of use are normal paint wear on the lens barrel, tripod foot and lens mount. There are no dents or dings. There are no missing or broken parts.

The lens has been well cared for and never dropped. It is a used lens, but not abused. The lens is very sharp at F2.8 and as best as I can tell, all the elements are properly centered (the pictures are evenly sharp across the frame). I have used this lens for around a year have been extremely happy with its performance. It has been used with a Canon 1Ds Mark III, a Phase One DF body and Phase One P65+ digital back and a Leica S2. I have decided to take a break from the large gear and consolidate to a Leica M kit.

$2350 - INCLUDES Paypal and Shipping. US Sale Only.