As I am no longer in the wedding photography business, I am putting my entire location lighting rig up for sale. This is all Lymedyne OEM equipment (with the exception of some PC cables, clamps and other odds and ends). Much of it was factory serviced in 2011 and is in perfect operating condition, with two noted exceptions. Everything you need to light up a reception dance floor or similar large area venue is present. I would mount each of the 400ws units onto a 13-foot light stand and could easily move them around as needed. I am the second owner of this equipment and even still have somewhere near $1500 invested all told. Here is the lineup:

1 - #067L* 400ws fast recycling power pack
1 - #067X* 400ws fast recycling power pack
1 - #065 *200ws power pack (may need servicing)
1 - #072 *200ws power booster module
1 - #BLRG large capacity battery pack
1 - #026C super battery (predecessor to BLRG, needs servicing or buy new)
2 - #017 *AC quick charger modules
1- #004V* 800ws modeling head with coiled cord and bulb
1 - #093U* 800w/s modeling flash tube unused (this is a spare)
1 *- #001* standard flash head with straight cord and bulb
2 - #003M modeling head with straight cords and bulbs
2 - #097 standard bulbs (spares)
4 - Parabolic reflectors for flash heads
2 - #080 “snoot” tubes for pinpoint lighting
1 - #037 remote cord for bare bulb operation
3 - #034 5 ft extension cords (battery to head)
3 – Wein #XL8 micro ultra slaves – fits all units
3 – 3-way head clamps for mounting on top of light stands
3 – Misc. clamps for mounting to stand bar (good for suspending battery when stand is extended)
8 – Various PC adapter cords which you probably won’t need
* Various lightstand adapter plugs so you can configure things just about any way you want.
* Tenba lighting transport case 16x10x10”H.
* Generic heavy duty aluminum transport case with dividers 18x13x8”H.
* Ambico general camera/video bag.
Total asking price for all of this is just $650, plus shipping at cost, which frankly is a steal. Lumedyne is known for three things: reliabilty, durability and longevity of the system between charges. Compare these units to the new prices and you’ll be blown away. As for the service, Lumedyne, located in Florida is fast, friendly and very reasonably priced, no issues to be concerned with. I also have a large assortment of top quality stands and stand bags if you are interested, just ask.
Keywords: Dynalite, Norman, Photoflex, Quantum