I seem to be in the giving spirit of providing good gear while raising some capital for my MF addiction.

I have a perfect Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens. Beautiful with original box, hood, pouch, paperwork, etc.

It is outstanding lens, which, since I've been using my MF gear more, isn't getting much use. These lenses represent the pinnacle of image quality for 35mm work and I'd love for someone to use it as it deserves. It would go great on your D700, D3, or (gulp) D3X.

These lenses are still tough to find in local stores and they list for $1699 plus tax. This one was purchased at the SF Calumet when it first came out (I lucked upon one that hadn't been picked up by a person on the waitlist).

Will ship nice and secure. Buyer pays actual shipping and insurance. Paypal ok, but with 3% fees added. Local to SF Bay area also.

Can send pics if interested.