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Thread: Canon FD 24mm f2 (Sticky aperture)

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    Canon FD 24mm f2 (Sticky aperture)

    Canon FD 24mm f2 is an excellent lens - a very useful focal length on both my NEX and previously my m43. However the aperture has become sticky and often doesn't stop down. A few months ago I got it checked at a camera repair shop and they told me that there is oil on aperture blades which needs to be cleaned. They asked $100 for the cleaning but I can't justify that expense and just used it wide open after that. I have not used this lens after shifting to NX200 + 30mm f2 combo for walk around. So I would like to pass it on to someone who has a use for it.

    The lens sells for $400-450 on KEH. I am asking $195 + shipping to account for the sticky aperture, which I think is a very reasonable price. If you are handy with lenses then you can get the cleaning done yourself or you can get it cleaned (or maybe you just like to use it wide open anyway).

    As you can see from the picture below, the lens has marks on the body, but there are no dents etc. The glass is clean without scratches. There is some type of residue on one edge of the front element which I tried to show in the pictures below. It should likely come off with a proper cleaner. However it is outside the imaging part of the glass so I didn't try to fight it much.

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    Re: Canon FD 24mm f2 (Sticky aperture)

    Here are some samples taken with NEN-5N (all at f2):

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    Re: Canon FD 24mm f2 (Sticky aperture)

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