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Thread: FS: Cheap wide angle solution for M8...

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    FS: Cheap wide angle solution for M8...

    Here's a good deal on a very economical solution for wide angle lenses on your Leica M8:

    1. CV LTM 15mm - includes originals packaging, and 15mm finder. Also included - Milich custom LTM to Leica M for this lens which is hard coded as a WATE. Also includes a custom hood/filter holder for this lens as well as a B&W UV/IR filter - this is an excellent solution fpr the M8. New, the lens is $360, the Milich LTM-Leica M adapter is $100, the hood/filter holder is $160 and the filter is about $60. Optics and body are mint. $499 shipped
    2. CV LTM Color Skopar - includes another $100 custom Milich LTM-Leica M adapter which is hard coded as a 21mm ASPH. Does not include the 21mm finder. This lens uses the same 39mm cut filter as the one above. Optics are perfect; barrel shows a little wear. $269 shipped.
    3. Ricoh GV-1 accessory finder - ideal finder for these lenses on the M8 as it shows both 21mm (equivalent of the 15mm on the M8) and 28mm (equivalent of the 21mm on the M8) framelines. Includes little case as shown. $100 shipped.

    Whole lot is $819 shipped, which is a pretty good deal.
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