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Thread: Olympus 35 RD

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    Olympus 35 RD

    I found a RZ67 Pro II, with a slew of lenses, and it's been what I was looking for a few months now, so i'm changing gear up, plus i'm just not using it.


    Olympus 35 RD - $210

    I just fixed this little camera, it's brilliant!

    I did a few test rolls to make sure my job worked and it does. The metering is great, I use a 1.55v battery and compensate with ISO toggle.

    I replaced the battery wire as it was corroded out, and cleaned the shutter blades since ALL 35 RD's eventually have sticky shutters.

    Viewfinder is clear, with two specs of dust in there, lens is pretty clear as well, while taking out the front element I noticed maybe 1 or 2 spot of potential fungus? or mold? whatever it was I killed it, but as its between cement I can't remove it.

    Body itself is in nice condition, some wear on the metal, leather hasn't peeled off.

    I haven't replaced light seals, but from my test rolls it's good.

    I resoldered the wire to the light meter, and it is satisfactory in performing.

    The manual override feature of this camera is brilliant, this is seriously to me, better than a CL and 40 Summicron.

    Some test shots here:
    Flickr:'s stuff tagged with olympus35rd


    All prices include shipping and PayPal in the USA.
    Shipping will be via USPS Priority with Insurance and signature required.

    As i'm in at work *COUGH* I only have these two shots, i'll add more later.
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