I simply love this camera. Only reason I post it for sale is because I much need the $ at current (unexpected emergency).

The camera is very well cared for and not much used, condition Like New-. I do not shoot much large format but find it such a joy to have and to on occasions use. The extremely bright GG is a sheer joy to work with.

- Shen-Hao TFC45-IIB camera
- Bill Maxwell Hi-Lux Ultra Brilliant GG, said by Bill Maxwell to be extremely bright. It is!!! Amazing bright.

- Optional: Rodenstock (like new-) 150mm Sironar-N in Shen-Hao lens board.

Price: for all above 1195 usd, if not want the Rodenstock, 895 usd. Shipping from Hong Kong or Sweden, 60 USD. Payment by PayPal.

Appreciate a quick decision.

Please send me a private message.

Thank you, Anders