The idea was that I was to mount this one to play with on my digital back, but never quite did yet...

I got the idea from here Meyer-Görlitz Anastigmat Trioplan 6.3/135mm in Botanical Garden

My lens is Meyer Gorlitz Trioplan Anastigmat 10.5cm (105mm) f/4.5, thus not identical to the one in link above. I assumed it is same or near same optical forumula since all that differ is the focal of mine 105/4.5 vs. 135/6.3. All I done was hold mine infront of camera and it does give a similar soft character. Perhaps not identical, but soft and nice soft per my eyes. Obvious this lens is for experimenting, but would be nice if someone would put it to use!

Asking 120 USD including air mail worldwide.

Appreciate quick reply.

Thank you, Anders