I'm pretty sure anyone who clicked on this knows exactly what they're looking for but feel free to ask me questions if you'd like to know more.

I bought this 2 years ago from Japan - it was my first medium format camera so I bought the best one I could find, complete with a lens hood, strap and original case. I shot several rolls and greatly enjoyed the camera and process, but have too many time consuming hobbies to justify keeping it. Its as perfect as when I bought it - did not carry it around very much and always kept it in its case. Will throw in about 5 rolls of good 120 film for free.

Might trade for fast Nikon DX lenses, interesting 35mm SLR or rangefiner or partial trade for full frame FX digital camera.

Located in CT, you pay shipping at my cost (get pretty good fedex rates from the mailroom at my office). Email the fastest way to get in touch
rmehta -at- pcparch -dot- com