NPC Pro Ball Head inc. two Quick Release plates
A chance to own a rare piece of superb engineering! The NPC Pro Quick Release Head uses an artificial elbow joint (an "Amrus Shpigel Joint") which allows separate movement on two axes via a single knob which also features a tension control. The knob on the base is for panning. With this head it is easy and quick to point and level your camera.

This quick release model is a classic and rarely found nowadays. I believe it was manufactured in the 1980ís in the USA. This very heavy duty head, there is no play at all when tightened. In fairness I should mention that it is no longer made. However it is so rock solid that it is unlikely to ever need spare parts. I understand it is made from heavy machined aluminum whilst the friction surfaces are aluminum/Teflon clutches.
Weight: 1.16 kgs. 2 lb 9 oz.

It is in used condition but functions perfectly. There are marks on the mounting plate where it blew over in Monument Vally (you can see them on the image) but they do not effect the operation of the head at all.

This is a very rare item. Iím based in London, UK and looking for £250 / $380 inc. shipping to anywhere. Iíll accept Paypal or I can list on ebay where I have a 100% track record.