Mamiya 80mm F1.9 "C" Lens
For Mamiya 645M, will work on the 645AF, 645AFD, etc.
$150 Shipped and Paypal'd in the U.S.

The lens is nice condition and performs nicely. At F1.9 it's reasonably sharp for wide open and by F2.8 it's sharper than the Mamiya 80mm F2.8 AF. Focus is smooth and the aperture ring clicks cleanly. With a 645AF/AFD, etc., the lens operates in stop-down metering mode. The 80mm F1.9 mounts directly to the 645AF/AFD's; no need for an adapter.

There is a tiny bit of dust in the lens, not much and nothing I would worry about - 3 specs and some smaller, very minor specs. The barrel is in nice condition with some minor paint loss along the edges. In person the lens looks good; 1200 watts of strobes isn't doing it any favors The big advantage to the F1.9 is if you're trying to avoid bumping ISO on your digital back as light fades, this lens will gives an extra stop of latitude. And the thinner DOF results in a slightly smoother bokeh (background blur) than the 80mm F2.8 AF version.

I'm selling the lens because I just bought the new Mamiya 80mm F2.8 "D" and want to offset that expense. Sale includes the lens and original Mamiya front & rear lens caps.