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Thread: FOR SALE: Ricoh GXR body, 28mm AF and M-mount modules

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    FOR SALE: Ricoh GXR body, 28mm AF and M-mount modules

    This nearly new Ricoh GXR outfit is now for sale for $700!

    I bought it recently for its Leica M capability and as a backup for the GXR I already own. It's only been tested briefly for a few days to make sure everything works and to find out if I could reliably focus a Summilux with it. Everything about the camera works as it should, but since my eyes weren't able to do the job I'd hoped for, I'm moving on.

    (The focusing problem, incidentally, is personal to me and is physiological, not equipment related: I have a lot of astigmatism and can't tell which of the half a dozen extra edges I see are the actual ones I need to focus on; there's also an impossible signal to noise ratio produced by cataracts and eye meds which blurs out the rest of the image and makes the whole process a non-starter.)

    What's on offer is the GXR body, Ricoh's excellent 28mm AF module and their M-Mount module, all of which are practically new and look it. It will all come in the original factory boxes, complete with all the original accessories.

    I've just checked B & H's prices for today, and they are $249 for the body, $449 for the 28 module and $469 for the M-module for a total of $1167. Discounting their new prices by a third would come to $777.

    I'll let it go for $700 and will pay both the shipping and the PayPal's fees.

    I've bought and sold on GetDPI for five years or more, have excellent feedback on eBay as cqiona and could provide equally excellent personal references from reliable members here.

    All the best,


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    Re: FOR SALE: Ricoh GXR body, 28mm AF and M-mount modules

    Hello Irenaeus,

    Is the 28 module still available, by any chance?

    cheers, KL

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