I am selling my H2 with CFH 39.
The back just came back from Hasselblad where it got a new UV protection glass and linkboard for roughly 1500 US$
Hence technically it is in excellent condition. The housing has some typical wear, since Hasselblad`s finish is not very durable.

The body is in good condition with just a bit of wear and has about 44.000 actuations and works flawlessly.

I think this configuration is functionally identical to the H3D-39, but has the big advantage that the back works with any H2 not only one single H3 body. Thus having a back up body is way cheaper, since you won´t have to get bodies matched to a particular back by Hasselblad service.

5000 CHF net to me.

I am based in Switzerland, but can ship from Germany for those living in the EU, so that no incoming taxes apply.