3 wonderful 50mm lenses
I love them all equally but can only afford to keep one. The one that remains unsold will be mine,

50mm Summilux Pre Asph black 959
This super lens is the perfect picture maker if you love the classic look. it is however a user in looks. there is paint loss around the barrel and it looks like it has been used properly over the years. the front glass is pretty good although there is a hairline scratch on the rear glass that is about 3cm long. it does not affect shots but i do need to disclose this as this could be a deal breaker for some of you. i'd prefer to meet in london so you can test it out. i am 100% confident you won't be disappointed. i will prefer not to do returns so local meetup is preferred. saying that if you want me to post it - it's at your (non-existent) risk.

Leica Summicron M 50mm f/2.0 Lens Version 3 Freshly Serviced nice condition F2 749

This classic 50mm lens is considered one of the best lenses ever built with good reason. The version 3 50mm summicron is known for its high contrast yet classic look with either film or digital Leica cameras.
Stopped down it's beautiful bokeh recedes and its place is micro and macro sharpness that sets the gold standard.
This copy is in wonderful working condition as it has been recently serviced.

This is the more desirable version of this lens that has been hand made in Germany not Canada.

No scratches, dust, fungus etc etc

Zeiss ZM Planar 50mm F2 Leica M mount with Zeiss UV Filter Hood LNIB Leica M F2 579

The ultimate Zeiss 50mm kit for your Leica M camera.

This lens has hardly been used so is up for sale at a bargain price! Everything is like new. Spent 750 not long ago but now for sale with a massive discount. I paid 629 for lens, 72 for hood and 46.99 for UV fiter


- Black Zeiss Planar 50mm F2 ZM
- Zeiss genuine hood
- Zeiss genuine UV filter

Cash in London preferred. Postage and paypal etc can be worked out