I have for sale a "just purchased" Sony a900 from "new stock" from the Houston Sony Store (shutter count less than 100 clicks). I bought it as a second body (I have an a900 already). I also have a "like new" Zeiss 24-70 that is cosmetically and optically perfect.

I've just had a huge change of mind, and for my short to normal focal length shooting want to buy a Fuji X Pro 1 - so I'm selling this a900 and the zoom. Boxes, original papers, and original receipt for the new body (already registered, unfortunately). I'm also incluiding a 77 mm Sony/Zeiss filter for the lens, and a Really Right Stuff L-plate (arca swiss style) for the body.

This is a heck of a deal for someone who loves the a900 and Zeiss lenses. $2,600 "firm" net to me via PayPal, plus shipping and insurance.

PM me for photos or email to me at: exelhefe_____AT_____ verizon DOT net


For those curious, I'm keeping the other a900 and my 70-200 G SSM and 70-400 G SSM for the longer focal length work I do.