For sale is the Carl Zeiss 45-90mm Vario-Sonnar T* Zoom lens, including the Zeiss Lens Hood, both front and rear Zeiss lens caps, instructions, blank warranty cards, and test document.
This lens is in perfect mint condition, with no marks on the mount or on the glass.
It was on display, unsold, in a local camera shop that has since closed its doors.

Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.5/45-90 for the CONTAX® 645
The Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.5/45-90 lens is an all-round autofocus lens for the Contax 645. It is particularly well-suited for demanding photojournalistic work, where prints may be enlarged to poster size with fine details which cannot be reliably captured with 35 mm cameras. Weddings, travel, and industrial photos for annual reports and business presentations are typical tasks of this kind, where medium format has proven to be indispensable.

Imaging performance of the Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.5/45-90 lens is on the level of fixed focal length lenses. Both sharpness and brilliance satisfy even high demands, while distortion is very well corrected.

The combination of these characteristics produces an outstanding lens for forensic documentation. Stray light absorbing measures are integrated with great care to enable this multi-element Vario-Sonnar® T* 4.5/45-90 lens to deliver professional quality results even under unfavourable lighting conditions.

Preferred use: demanding photojournalistic work, weddings, travel, street photography, people, industrial and forensic documentation.

Cat. No. of lens 10 47 71

Entrance pupil*

Number of elements 12

Position W = 39.1 mm behind the first lens vertex, T = 31.1 mm behind the first lens vertex

Number of groups 10

Max. aperture f/4.5

Diameter W = 10.2 mm

Focal length W = 45.9 mm, T = 87.5 mm T = 18.6 mm

Negative size 41.5 x 56 mm

Exit pupil*

Angular field 2w* W = width 63°, height 49°, diagonal 74°

Position W = 16.4 mm in front of the last lens vertex T = width 36°, height 27°, diagonal 43° T = 16.4 mm in front of the last lens vertex

Min. aperture 32

Diameter W = 17.2 mm

Camera mount Contax 645 T = 24.7 mm

Filter connection M 95 x 1

Position of principal planes*

Focusing range infinity to 0.5 m H W = 57.6 mm behind the first lens vertex

Working distance (between T = 52.5 mm behind the first lens vertex mechanical front end of H' W = 14.7 mm behind the last lens vertex lens and subject) 0.32 m T = 11.5 mm behind the last lens vertex

Close limit field size W = 345 mm x 469 mm

Back focal distance W = 60.7 mm T = 175 mm x 236 mm T = 99.0 mm

Max. scale W = 1 : 8.1

Distance between first T = 1 : 4.2 and last lens vertex*

W = 111.3 mm T = 76.1 mm

Weight 1140 g

* at infinity

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