For sale is a Canon EOS 5D modified by MaxMax to shoot 830nm IR. Produces extremely nice foliage effects, dark skies, etc. Extremely good for black and white work (not so great for the candy-colored IR). The camera itself is in fairly good condition with a few paint chips on the corners, but the screen has always been protected. I have never cleaned the sensor since having it modified, so there may be some dust on it, but there are no scratches whatsoever.

I don't have the accessories at this point -- no battery/charger, as I've moved too many times in the last three years to keep track of all of my stuff. The camera does, however, come with a lens -- a pristine Canon EF 28-105mm USM.

An unmodified 5D retails for about $400 on eBay. . . the modification is right around $500 to have it converted to IR (full frame modification's a little pricey). I'm looking for $800 for the camera, or best offer.