Yes, after selling ALMOST everything, including all my Contax, I find I want to rebuild a small setup for local (studio, wildlife, landscape, non trekking stuff) MF work.

I am looking at a body, 80mm and 45mm and 140mm also a back. The back can be anything from 22 to 40 MP. don't need more than that, but I need to MF flexibility. I am thinking P25, 45 or Hassey CF. Can be P+ or not. Not interested in Leaf.

Let me know if you have any of these components. Obviously I would prefer someone who has at least a Body, finder and back setup so I don't need to piece it together.

Cosmetics are not important, but MUST be working well and back with a good sensor.

I can work the lenses at any time, but if you have some, let me know (only the 3 mentioned.)