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Thread: FS: Canon 135mm F3.5 LTM w/ Hood & Case

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    FS: Canon 135mm F3.5 LTM w/ Hood & Case

    Canon 135mm F3.5 LTM w/ Hood & Case
    Excellent Condition, Focuses Accurately with my M9-P & M-240
    $235 Shipped and Paypal'd in the US

    This is a great little lens in excellent condition. Focus is smooth and the aperture clicks cleanly from stop to stop. The glass is clean with no signs of haze or fungus. I do not see any cleaning marks. The lens is around 50 years old, so it will have some dust under close inspection. I suspect the lens was CLA'd (recently) because I can't see any dust my naked eye. I have owned the lens for ~6 months. There is some slight paint wear, but it is actually quite good compared to some of the other Canon LTMs I have owned. The lens is sharp wide open with a bit of glow if focused at long distances. Stopped down F5.6 or F8 and it is amazingly sharp - probably as good as my Leica 135mm F3.4 APO. The lens comes with the correct hood (not easy to find!) and its original Canon leather hard case.

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