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Thread: The Clean-Out Continues.

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    The Clean-Out Continues.

    More from the same lot. All plus actual post and PayPal.

    2x Canon lens cases. Serviceable, but more interested in seeing someone use them as they were designed, so if you have a Canon R35/2.5 or a Canon 135/3.5, these are for you. $10 for both.

    Canon Filters. Nice condition, genuine Canon 55mm filters. UV, Skylight 1A, and CCA8. All with a little dust for sure, all in Canon plastic cases. $10 the lot.

    Canon Filters again. Some nice old hard to find ones too.
    27mm UVA
    34mm Yellow
    40mm Yellow
    48mm Yellow
    48mm Conversion A
    48mm CloseUp Lens 450.
    48mm CCB
    55mm SL39.3C
    58mm SL39.3C Has box and case too.

    All are nice, and no real defects, possibly need a clean/dust etc. All are in plastic cases, all but two (48 yellow and 55SL39.3C) are the genuine Canon cases.
    Collectable? Certainly the smaller "slim-line" filters. I'd like sell this lot as a lot, so $100 for all of it.

    A small collection of Voigtlander stuff.
    Voigtlander accessory rangefinder. Boxed, seems to work OK too. $40.
    Voigtlander lens hood32mm, boxed. $25.
    Voigtlnder accessory shoe, slides onto (I think) the likes of the Prominent. Boxed. $20
    Voigtlander UV filter 32mm. Boxed/cased. $20.
    Voigtlander Focar 2, 32mm close up filter, cased. $25.
    Buy the lot, save on post, $120.

    New Zealand
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