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Thread: FS: Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO + Original accesories + Scanhancer + XPander

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    FS: Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO + Original accesories + Scanhancer + XPander

    The time has come to sell my MultiPro scanner and accessories. It served me flawlessly for few years while I had time to spend on photography as a hobby, but things has changed in my life and I don't see that I'll use it anymore. Actually, it's already stored away for last two-three years. It's seen only light, hobby use and still works without any problems (just tested it the other day to be sure before placing an ad).
    The scanner is in excellent shape and the same goes for all the holders and accessories which I handheld with great care. Everything will be delivered in it's original packaging which I kept carefully stored away.

    Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO
    This includes complete original Minolta box contents, everything in great shape:
    - Scanner unit (optics locked in position trough Dimage software and secured for transport with locking screw)
    - Slide Mount Holder SH-P1
    - 35mm Film Holder FH-P1
    - Universal Holder UH-P1
    - Standard Attachment HA-P1
    - Glassless Attachment HA-P2
    - Film Mask Set FM-P1 (forgot to include this one in the photos)
    - Cables (SCSI, IEEE 1394 FC-P1, AC power)
    - Dimage Scan Utility CD-ROM
    - Manuals, Warranty card

    Original accessories
    These accessories bring new functionality to the scanner. Especially useful because they enable the use of XPander accessory.
    - Multi Format Set HS-P1 (incl: Multi Format Mask FM-P2, Multi Format Attachment HA-P3, Pins PI-1)
    - Glassless Attachment HA-P2

    Smart diffuser, treating the overly collimated scanner light so that much better scans are now possible, rivaling drum scan quality by mimicking the effects of wet mounting.
    - Scanhancer 5LE basic set (in the pics attached to HA-P3 with Scotch magic tape; I kept it there all the time for all my scanning needs)

    Accessory of my own design widely accepted in MultiPro community for maximum film flatness and edge to edge sharpness. It's used with HA-P3 holder and consists of base frame and interchangeable masks for different formats. This set has the largest number of different masks of any sets that I've sold! Those are high quality black anodized aluminum custom made holders that weren't cheap to produce.
    - XPander with masks: 25X37 (135 Full Frame), 24X59 (Widelux), 25x84 (King Size),32x85, 57x57 (6x6), 57x71 (6x7), 57x85 mm (6x9)

    To sum it up - everything needed to get the best possible MultiPro scans for very wide range of formats which according to many directly rival drum scans of the highest order.
    Note that accessories that I'm selling with the scanner are no longer possible to buy. I'm sure that XPander is not produced anymore. I myself had pretty hard time to get HA-P3 and AFAIK Scanhancers are no longer produced either.
    If you're aiming for perfection, once you try to scan without those and compare results you'll instantly know to appreciate the difference.

    I've already sold few items here and buyers were pretty happy with high quality stuff they bought (Leica equipment). Buy with confidence.

    The asking price for whole set is $1.800,00 USD plus shipping, insurance and money transfer fee (Paypal or international bank transfer are both valid options).
    Everything will be packed in original packaging (including box, nylon wrappings...) and put in bigger box to preserve the original if desired.
    Please contact me trough PM to arrange details or to ask additional questions.

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    Re: FS: Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO + Original accesories + Scanhancer + XPander


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