Selling one of my strip boxes since it hasn't gotten much use. Sale includes the following:

Chimera Super Pro Plus Medium Strip Softbox 14x56" White Interior (w/ internal baffle and carrying case)
Chimera Fabric Grid 40 degree for Medium Strip w/ storage bag (Grid made by Light Tools)

Strip box is in excellent condition, no rips or tears, fully functional with no problems, all rods/accessories included. No discoloration or stains on any of the diffusers. Makes awesome light, and the grid is excellent for controlling spill.

Total cost new would be $540 with shipping from B&H. I'll sell for $350 shipped and paypal'd.

If you need an Elinchrom speedring, I have a Chimera resin speedring for Elinchrom that I can include for $25 (cost $60 new).