I have a couple of RFer items for sale.

Leica 50mm Summicron VIII in near mint condition. I purchased this through Schouten Select a while back and used it sparingly. Basically unused. I did send it to Youxin Ye for a lube as the focus ring was a bit stiff. As I said, near mint condition. Included is a Leica 12585 hood and Leitz 14033 plastic cap when the hood is mounted back wards on the lens. No front cap. Included is a rear cap. No box or papers. Only thing I can see that would prevent it from being a true mint condition lens is a tiny bubble I think it's a bubble ) in the front elements. Priced for a quick sale--$600 s/p.

Konica Hexar RFer. This is an awesome camera and in near mint condition. I say near, because the buyer might find something under a loupe I wouldn't see. I purchased this recently from a RFF members, but really, I don't need it. My poor judgment is your advantage. Only comes with body and front cap. Everything works perfectly. Again, for a quick sale--$425 s/p.

I prefer to sell CONUS. If you need a photo or two I can snap some with my iphone and email them to you. LMK your email address.