*yikes* So nervous posting my most priced lens.


-Leitz 35mm Summicron v1 8-element.
-Made in Germany
-CLA-ed by DAG just a week ago.
-You can view more pictures here - Leitz 35mm Photos by mikeleviste | Photobucket. You cant get any better than this.
-Price $2950 + shipping. If Paypal add 3%. U.S.A shipping only for now.
-I am also thinking of selling my Leica 50mm Summilux Chrome 6 Bit. No pictures right now. Price on that one is $3300. In flawless condition.

-Sent to Leica for CLA and they held it for 4 months. They held it that long because no one seems to be able to CLA old lens. After annoying them, they sent it back. I then sent it to DAG and he did it in 2 weeks! Amazing guy!