Who I am: I am newer here, but I have been a member or APUG, RFF, FREDMIRANDA, etc... I have Bought quite a few things on RFF, Also I am the designer of the new RFF soft release commemorating their 10th anniversary. I just sold my leica APO 70-180 2.8 Elmarit-R on GetDpi with a smooth sale, buyer is very very happy! - I have the same username "Jimithing616" on all the sites, and its a name I dont want to tarnish, I would rather lose money than my reputation honestly. I also have 100+ Feedback in just the last year on ebay as a seller. I have only been shooting for about 2 years.

Angenieux 45-90mm F/2.8 Zoom - Made for Leica-R and distributed by Leitz

If you have never heard of this lens... It is probably one of the more collectible and rare Leica R lenses ever made. I would expect that in the near future, with the new m240 adapter, the A7r, etc... This lens will get even MORE desirable. Angenieux is probably the best lens manufacturer that 90% of people have NEVER heard of!! This lens is amazing. The Colors, the quality, the sharpness, bokeh... its just a great lens and a definite collectors item!

Cosmetics: 9/10 The Front/Rear element are very clean, little to no signs of use. The barrel also shows very little signs of use. Comes with Hood, Original Angenieux Front cap, and Leica R rear cap.

Mechanical- 8/10 As mentioned, the front element is pristine! Aperture blades are snappy and nice, focus is smooth and well as the zoom ring. Only negative is that there is just the slightest bit of outgassing on the element right above the aperture due to the greases used. Shows up as a very very light haze with 1 or 2 spots. This should clean up to be perfect again. Aperture ring, is probably 8/10 original condition, its just ever so slightly tighter than I would like. I am told this is normal for this lens by a friend who owns a copy, but I want to mention it just in case.

I have asked around, a full CLA for this lens would run 150 bucks.

Its hard to price this lens. The 2 that have sold on ebay went for 1400 and over $2000

Because it needs this light CLA, I am willing to accept offers....

Lets say my price is a 35 summicron pre-Asph. which I would trade this lens for.... Or cash offers.

Make me an offer.