Who I am: I am newer here, but I have been a member or APUG, RFF, FREDMIRANDA, etc... I have Bought quite a few things on RFF, Also I am the designer of the new RFF soft release commemorating their 10th anniversary. I just sold my leica APO 70-180 2.8 Elmarit-R on GetDpi with a smooth sale, buyer is very very happy! - I have the same username "Jimithing616" on all the sites, and its a name I dont want to tarnish, I would rather lose money than my reputation honestly. I also have 100+ Feedback in just the last year on ebay as a seller. I have only been shooting for about 2 years.

Olympus XA Rangefinder w/ Flash - Like New In The Box/Case!

Here is my collector XA! I have had this bad buy for awhile now, and since I have 2 more of them that are all dinged up, I never use this one because it is PRISTINE! The thing is, I dont "display" it. I keep it in a "Dry Box" so that it doesn't get any mold or fungus spores in it. So, I figure, why not let someone else have it....

This is truly on of my favorite camera's. I can't tell you how many vacations and photo walks I have gone on, only brought this, and gotten better pics than the guys with DSLR's and leica's!! This little RF is just perfect, great, sharp, amazing lens.. Small size, lightweight yet built to last! You can put one of these through hell and it will keep on working forever!!

Cosmetics: 9.6/10 I cannot see any signs of use. But just to be safe, 9.6 out of 10 sounds good.

Mechanical: Film advance is smooth, aperture is snappy and clean, shutter is strong and sounds like new, lens has no haze, fungus, separation or scratches on or in it. Everything performs like new!

Included w/ Item: Olympus XA, Flash, Presentation Box, 2 Manuals, wrist strap.

Price: $100 Net to me.

I am located in Minneapolis, MN. Prefer CONUS. But willing to talk if you have a history on here or one of the big photo sites.