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Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 Nokton Classic S.C. W/ LH-6 Hood - Both LNIB!

I have for sale a basically brand new, mint in the box, Voigtlander Nokton 35mm Classic. This is the "Single Coated" version. Built to render like the 35mm Summilux type II that has recently become such a cult classic and is now selling for insane prices!! This lens, IMHO actually renders better than the summilux II.

For black and white, the S.C. version is by far the best. I have owned both now, and for my M6 TTL, with Tri-x or Ilford Delta, or even XP2, the SC excels. It is a wonderful lens, with creamy bokeh and tack sharp center at 1.4. In fact it somewhat reminds me of my Summicron DR. I use this lens and the DR on the same roll of film with my M6 A LOT and they go well together. They have a similar feel I guess.

Anyway, this lens is in very very nice shape. No Haze, No Fungus, No Separation, and No scratches at all! Aperture is smooth, clicks nicely. Blades are clean and move freely. Focus ring is smooth with perfect feedback. For all intensive purposes, this lens is new!

Cosmetics, Like New. Period. I cannot see a single sign that this lens was ever even used honestly.

This sale includes, The lens, The Correct Voigtlander Hood. Both in the original boxes, with all the plastic wrap and styrofoam, both have their paperwork and manuals with them. If you are thinking about buying this lens new, just get this one basically. Save a few bucks and get one that shows no differently than a new one.

In fact, this one may be better than new as some of these exhibit "Focus Shift" issues. This one does not. Its a crap shoot whether or not yours will or will not have this issue. I have tested this one EXTENSIVELY on an M9 as well as an Rd-1s and M6 TTL and there is NO focus shift at all!! This should make this a better buy than a new one, considering if you got a new one, and it had focus shift, you'd have to pay for shipping to return it. (Trust me, I've had to do it for a different VC lens!!!)

This lens Costs $630 New. (which this one really might as well be)
The Hood Costs $70 New (Again, Hood is basically new too)

Lets say $550 ... I think that seems fair. $150 off of new for a lens that was used a few times and is like new, or maybe even better than new actually!!