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Thread: FS: Leica 8 element Cron

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    FS: Leica 8 element Cron

    Hi All,

    Am in the process of a move (will someone help me out of my misery in doing so ) I will attempt to take some cell phone pics of the item in a few days but in the meantime, my worded description will I believe will give an accurate picture (no pun intended) of the actual item up for sale and of course provide details of the lens that no pictures are actually going to be able to capture.

    Up for sale is a silver 8 element Cron with eyes (goggles). I've seen a food number of these lenses over the years and have shot with quite a few but I would say (as have others who have seen my lens), that it is one of the nicest condition (inside and out) of the legendary 8 element Crons of its type and by a good margin. Besides outer barrel cosmetic condition, the issue with the majority of these lenses is clouded fogged or hazed internal elements who coatings are fragile and cleaning by a professional often leads to scratches/marks and or damage to elements when attempt to clean the hazed glass is attempted.

    My lens is the cleanest, clearest internal glass I've ever come across. I'm sure there are others, but I've yet to see them Except for one very very small area along the very periphery of an internal element that may be (when it can be seen under the brightest artificial light shone through the lens) that's has a touch of haze. So much so on the periphery, it is in my estimation and two Leica repair professionals, that not only is it not in the image circle of the lens but because this sample is so exceptionally clean, they recommended that no attempt should be made to open and clean. Why this lengthy explanation? So that potential buyer can visualize exactly what the lens is like. The outer barrel is also lovely, especially considering its age. Few if any marks, Focusing is silky smooth and apatite blades clean and apature ring clicks properly. As for the goggles, They too match the exceptional condition of the lens with its glass for the most part extremely clean and clear and also in exceptional condition. All in all one of the nicest 8 element Cron pairings.

    As for optical performance, it's everything everyone says about it. From its unbelievable center resolution, to its classic rendering, it's unique among Leica 35mm lenses. I still hesitate to part with it and am doing so simply to put funds to other equipment that needed more at this time otherwise would have not made an attempt to sell. I even have a generic padded case that neatly fits in the pair of these items. Lens comes with original Leica silver push on front lens cap and a generic M rear lens cap.

    Priced below many lesser samples of this lens and price is $1195.00 plus shipping/paypal.

    Thanks for reading this lengthy description and if you have any questions, please ask.

    Dave (D&A)

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    Re: FS: Leica 8 element Cron

    Do you have a price in mind?


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