Summaron f3.5 M-Mount with Matching hood. $500 (Price included PP, Shipping is extra)

Optical Condition:

There is very light cleaning marks on the inside element of the lens. However, it does not affect image quality from my own experience shooting with this lens. Focus smooth, aperture clicks, no oil on the blades. Actually it has so little wear, amazing. The image it produced is excellent. I prefer this f3.5 version over the f2.8 because its classical rendering of Black and White. (Refer to the samples)

Coesmetic condition:

Looks great, barely any marks and wear. It's super compact and beautifully made.


SBLOO 35MM External Viewfinder $180 (Price included PP, Shipping is extra)

Optical Condition:

There is some coating marks on the front elements, can't tell what it is, tried to clean it off with lens cloth and lens cleanser, but it appears to be not cleanable. However, it does not affecrt usage at all. There is no scratches on both elements. Leica was still using Canadian Balsm as adhensive agent back at that time, the front element has a little sigh of balsm but nothing serious. It works like a charm. a bit tiny small particles inside, but crystal clear overall.

Cosmetic condition:

The cosmetic condition is excellent. I handle my all gears with extremely caution, i wrapped it up with clear protective tape so that it won't get scrathes and it won't scratch my body' top plate.


Leica UVa Filter E46, excellent condition, $60 OBO.

Leica M9 brown italian leather case, like new condition, $80 OBO.

Thumb-up, Black, later version with silicone pad, lightly used. $85 OBO.

Pictures for the items: