The M-240P arrived earlier this week, so time for the M-240 to find a new home.

The Leica M Type 240 was purchased from Camera West in Rancho Mirage (a Leica Boutique Store) in October 2013, so there is about 14 months remaining on the Leica USA warranty (the new Leica M's have a 2 year USA warranty). The camera has NOT been registered with Leica.

The M-240 has performed flawlessly and has around 2000 clicks on it. Focus is spot-on with my lenses, including the 35mm 'Lux FLE, 50mm Noc ASPH, 90mm APO, etc. The camera has not been dropped or abused in any way. The camera has not needed Leica service (or any service). The sale includes -

Leica M Type 240 camera and body cap
Battery, charger and international plug adapters
Neck strap (unused)
All the manuals
Black US warranty card (I never registered the camera)
The Lightroom TAN number
All the boxes and packaging, including the outer white box
All serial numbers match (camera, inner box and outer box)

The camera body shows light signs of use. The shine on the paint is very slightly dulled from the half case in couple areas (by lug straps). I couldn't show this in the pictures because the camera has to be held at very particular angle to the light to show it. These are not scratches or dings. Just a subtle dullness in the shine. There are no scratches or dings in the camera body. Likewise, there are no scratches or marks on the rear LCD screen. All the accessories look like new - the car adapter, the internal power plugs and neck strap were never used.

Price is $5600 Paypal'd and Shipped in the US. $5675 Paypal'd and Shipped outside the US.