I have acquired a couple Leaf Valeo 6 digital back kits for the Mamiya AFD, AFDII and AFDIII bodies and these include the Leaf portability kits with new batteries, software, and cables. I do not know how well they work (I haven't even received them yet) but I always offer a return privilege with anything you buy from me, this will be 1 month in this case. Please don't consider buying if you are not computer and digital back savvy, these are older kits and will take some skills to get them to work, but everything is there. I've read that the 6mp backs on these is equivalent to a 10mp sensor on a DSLR. Checking on flickr I have seen results form these backs and they are great. I intend to ask $500.00 for each kit, the backs alone normally go for ~$750 on the auction site but you will also get the portability kit with new batteries, charger, cables, software, etc. This is a GREAT deal, I just want to recoup some of my cost. My email is [email protected] if you are interested please send a PM or mail me. I should have them in a few days, this is a heads up so you can do some research into the kits. Thanks, Bob in Michigan.