Minolta M-Rokkor 40 mm 1:2.0 CLE-version in Leica M-mount. Modified to bring up 35 mm frame-lines and Summicron-style focus tab (from heavystar). Optics clear from scratches and haze, slight wear on body, smooth focus, firm click-stops. Comes with UV-filter, Minolta rear and front caps.


Leitz Elmar 5 cm 1:3.5 "red-scale" in Leitz screw-mount with Leitz VALOO. Very slight haze and some dust in optics, very minor cleaning marks. Coated optics, smooth focus, firm lock in extended position, distance scale in meters, aperture well damped. VALOO hood allows easy adjustment of aperture. Comes with 3rd party front cap (fits also onto VALOO hood), WALTZ Y2 E19 screw-filter (can be used with VALOO hood), Made-in-UK E19 filter with exchangable filter glass disks (only yellow color included), NO REAR-CAP!!


Jupiter-12 35 mm 1:2.8 in Leitz screw-mount. Bought as NOS. Optics free from scratches and haze, rear-element un-scratched (some paint wear close to the cam-follower position), smooth focus, aperture without click-stops. Comes with original front and rear caps


Jupiter-8 50 mm 1:2.0 in Leitz screw-mount (Sonnar-design). Black-paint on Aluminum with white letters. Some dust inside optics but free from scratches and haze. Cleaned and re-lubed focus helix. Aperture without stops. COMES WITHOUT CAPS AND FILTER but with heavystar E 40.5 metal-hood ("W" marked) and Bakelit container


BOTH Jupiter lenses together for US$110

Industar-50 50mm 1:3.5 in Leitz screw-mount (Tessar-design). Silver finish. Moderate wear on body. Focus helix cleaned and re-lubed, smooth focus. Aperture slightly free-moving. Optics free from haze and scratches. NO CAPS !!


BOTH Jupiter lenses + Industar-50 for US$125

Shipping with Japan Post, EMS (tracking and insurance). Shipping costs, ASIA US$11, North America US$14, Europe US$17. I will accept PayPal and take the fees. Shipping only to addresses as confirmed by PayPal. Buyer is responsible for any import taxes or duties.

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