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Thread: FS: Ebony SW45 and lenses

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    FS: Ebony SW45 and lenses

    As I haven’t used it for over a year I’ve decided to sell my much loved LF kit.
    So for sale I have -

    1. Ebony SW45 - 1000 ono
    This is a fab field camera made from ebony wood and titanium. It has a lovely build quality and makes a great landscape camera.
    I’m including a Robert White viewing bellows and cheap x4 loupe (been fine for me), the original box, cover for the GG and cap for front standard.
    It has the standard GG/Fresnel fitted but it’s never been a problem for me, even with a 58mm lens.

    I have hiked with the camera and used it on commercial projects, so it does have some scratches on the metal parts (Ti is a pretty soft metal),
    the worst of which is on the bottom and was there when I bought the camera. The bellows are lovely a supple leather with no leaks or cracks.
    There is a small screw missing which acts as a stop for the left hand tilt knob, it’s not a big deal as you never loosen the knob enough for it to be likely to fall off.
    Love this camera so going to be sad to see it go. No lens included.

    2. Schneider Super Symmar 110mm XL - 700 ono
    Absolutely amazing lens, super sharp with tons of movement. Has been my favourite lens to use for everything.
    Is fitted in a Technika board. The shutter is working perfectly. Includes original caps.

    Bad stuff - there is a tiny mark in the coating of the front element but it has zero effect on image quality.
    The rear element has a dent in the filter thread that surrounds it, there is no damage to the actual glass though, also the dent has no effect on the image of movements. Just means you can’t fit small filters to the back.

    3. Nikkor-sw 75mm f4.5 - 300 ono
    Lovely lens on a Technika board with Copal shutter. About 20mm equivalent. This is the brighter f4.5 version making it easier to focus and frame.
    Covers 4x5 with movements. Shutter works perfectly. Includes caps but they are not originals

    4. Nikkor 180mm f5.6 - 150
    Nice and sharp lens on a Technika board with Copal shutter. Shutter dials are a little heavy but shutter works perfect.
    Has the front Nikon cap but no rear cap.

    5. x7 Fidelity Elite dark slides - 40 all 7 or 6 each
    Varying ages but all good condition with no damage.

    I also have some film like Velvia 50, Portra, Provia 100, as well as Fuji 64T in quickloads, along with a Kodak holder for the quickloads.
    Was going to put these on ebay maybe but feel free to ask me what I have.

    Happy to do something on the price if you want the Ebony and a lens. With the Super Symmar you would have a brilliant Landscape kit.

    Prefer to deal in the UK but will post internationally using fully insured express postage.

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    Re: FS: Ebony SW45 and lenses

    110mm and 75mm now sold.

    Ebony price drop to 950 ono.

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