First half of a house cleaning, Nikon and Leica M to follow.

A900 Stuff
In a moment of weakness a month or so ago, I picked this body and lens up directly from Marc Williams who, all many know, takes extremely good care of his tools. I have not used it at all. Both body and lens come with all the original boxes, packing, papers, etc.

A900 body... $750 net to me

Sony 50mm 1.4 lens with shade... $150 net to me

Mamiya 7II system
I bought these 4 pieces brand new about 10 years ago. Two of the lenses have never been used and the other two pieces have been used on very few occasions.
Specifically, the 7II body and 43mm lens were used on only 5 outings in those 10 years. All of those outings were to Bonneville Speed Week on the salt flats west of Salt Lake City. Each outing ranged from 2 to 5 days depending on the success of the crew that I accompanied. The salt flats environment is a very clean one, no dust, dirt or salt in the air. And the subject matter I was after was the art (slow contemplative for me), not the action. So the body and 43 lens were not banged around. 9.5/10 condition, I would say.

All pieces come with all of the original boxes, packing, manuals, lens shades, etc.

7II body in black... $1200 net to me

43mm lens w/ viewfinder... $900 net to me

65mm lens (never used)... $550 net to me

80mm lens (never used)... $550 net to me

Pics available on request.

In 10 days, these will go to eBay.

Sneak peak at Leica and Nikon items. M6 TTL chrome... never been used; M7 black... 9.5/10; Nikon 85 1.4 G... LN; Nikon D3X (4100 clicks)... 9.75/10.