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Thread: Nikon PC Micro 85MM 2.8D, LNIB

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    Nikon PC Micro 85MM 2.8D, LNIB

    For sale, LNIB, a great lens for macro, table-top, portraits, architecture and landscape. Shift and tilt movements give you the ability to reposition your image from camera - raise or lower foreground, shift left to right or stitch - or to increase or decrease depth of field with tilt option. Absolutely sharp with great color rendition. PRISTINE, absolutely no cosmetic or functional issues. Serial number 401351. The included accessories from Nikon with this lens are the front and rear caps and a hard case.

    I have been asked a number of questions about the lens. If you are familiar with it, you know what a great optic this is, if not I offer the following information. The 85PC-E is a new version of this lens, but the 85 PC is certainly not old. The PC-E lens was built for the generation of cameras including the D3, D700 and D300. With these cameras you can get auto aperture control with the electro magnetic diaphragm - it will not function that way on other Nikons. The PC version will work on all Nikons and can also be adapted to Canon for example with the Novaflex adapter and have full manual function. Both lenses are not AF. This lens is similar to the PC-E in that it has the 9 blade rounded diaphragm and a 1:2 macro ratio.

    The PC-E also has the nano-crystal coating, which the PC does not. I have lenses with and without the coating and so far, I have not found a real life difference, but I do not shoot in high glare situations where it is supposed to be effective. The downside that I have read about nano-crystal is that when it does flare, it is really ugly.

    As far as sharpness, build quality and color rendition, the lenses are equal. The other difference now is the price. The new version sells for around $1600.00 street price. This one will save you over $600.00

    Serious inquiries only please, directly to [email protected].

    LOWER PRICE: $979.00 shipped, save over $600.00 from the PC-E version.

    Check, money order or use your credit card through Google checkout.

    Photos at:

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    Re: Nikon PC Micro 85MM 2.8D, LNIB

    Excellent price for one the finest lenses ever from Nikon!

    If I already do not have one of these, I would have grabbed it.

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