I have one of these adapters in excellent condition with screws, the fancy screwdriver, and box, that fits the Mamiya 645afd camera. It works great, I just used it with my Mamiya 645afd recently before selling the camera. Auto focus and auto aperture, of course, work on the camera when it has the proper lenses, and the digital back worked flawlessly. Thes can cost as much as $900.00 new, and even used, on the auction site. I paid over $500.00 for this one not too long ago, if you need it, you need it. I'd like to get $390.00 for this one. Does not include camera or digital back. I will try to post a picture later but it looks just like the other ones. No damage and no wear. Thanks, Bob in Michigan.
Pictures posted of the adapter in action. Not all items in the last picture are included, just the items you need to make this work with the Mamiya 645afd