Hi all.

It's that time of year again when my $20,000 tuition becomes due, and I have to liquidate my items to make sure I can reach my goals.

For sale is my Sigma DP2 Merrill, with a bucketload of extras.

The DP2M itself is in immaculate condition, with a high grade screen protector (shabbily) installed.

Aside from the camera itself and stock accessories, you'll also receive some very valuable items. Most of them are pictured below.

1. Richard Franiec grip that improves overall usability. This is already installed on the camera, and can be seen in the photos above.

2. B+W Clear Haze MRC UV filter, which I used for protecting the front element.

3. Sigma Lens Hood.

4. A 45mm OVF from my film camera. Perfectly suited for the DP2M.

5. Rainbowimages leather case.

6. Four (4) batteries. 2 Sigma brand, and 2 Aftermarket from Wasabi Power.

7. Two (2) wall chargers.

8. Sigma EF-140DG SA-TTL flash for the DP cameras.

9. Swivi Foldable Viewfinder with 2 framing modes. This takes usability to another level.

The extras alone are currently valued at over $300, which is less than what I paid for them.

I'm asking $650 for the bundle. I feel like this would complete the DP2M user experience. This is quite valuable, given the fact that the Quattro generation of Sigma cameras fails to match the raw image quality of the Merrills.

PM me with any questions!