Same story as with Zeiss Biogon I am also selling here ))

Bought it new at Sony Center in Moscow and decided to stay with my A7. In fact I bought Panasonic LX100 at the same time for 4k video so A7s is sort of excessive for me right now. Panny is small and pocketable,and A7 for rare photo sessions.

So it comes in its orinigal package I even have not opened. Guess its under international Sony warranty
And the price is only $1820 just to sell it quick!

I have sold many items here and also am operating at Ebay under "juliche" username and have a hundred of + feedbacks so you can just write me there to check this is me.

Items are located in Russia and I ship worldwide no problem. Shipping would cost from $25 I guess depending on the post. Customs value can be lowered if needed.
As for payments, I accept Paypal and Moneybookers and wire trasnfer within EU and the US.

Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

PM or email me [email protected]