Purchased the 90mm Elmarit M from Leica Miami around 2 years ago as a lightweight option for the times I didn't want to carry the 90 APO. Two years have gone by, and other than some lens testing here and there, I have not used the 90mm Elmarit, so I'd like to sell it and use the money for some other gear.

The 90mm Elmarit is in good cosmetic and operational condition. Focus and the aperture ring turn smoothly. The lens hood slides in & out smoothly. The glass is clean and clear. Near & infinity focus are accurate with my M-240. The lens is sharp wide open and is good performer. The lens was sent to Leica NJ last summer for a CLA and to have the aperture ring adjusted (it was too tight). The lens came back in great shape with everything functioning correctly.

There are several minor brights spot in the black paint from normal use as shown in the pictures, along with some very light rub marks on the lens hood probably from rubbing against other gear in a camera bag. The 90mm Elmarit was 6-Bit coded by New Jersey (before I bought it). Sale includes lens, Leica caps, case and original box.

$1350 Paypal'd and Shipped in the US.