The Phantom of the Phantoms

Great condition except for a paint condition on the made in japan. Its missing a bit of clear coat. Im guessing that people who know this lens knows what its about and that only 1000 was made of the lens. As I understand from previous owner, this is the only prototype lens that has hit the open market. The prototypes are missing all the inscriptions on the front. Unlike the production run.

The original production run is called the phantom. So this is basically the phantom phantom.

Price:1500 USD

For more information:
Konica 35mm f/2 UC-Hexanon for Leica

I have never seen another one for sale except for this, who was sold from a private collector in Singapore in 2011.

Black paint and LTM.

No box or Hood or such since its a prototype, but front and rear cap.Includes Voigtlander LTM -> M adapter and M rear cap and Heliopan UV filter.
Lens is located in Oslo, Norway.

Location: Oslo
Postal Code: N0687
Shipping Method: EMS
Shipping Cost: 50
Keywords: Konica Minolta UC-Hexanon Prototype L 35mm f/2