I just had a look and here's what I have left to sell from my Hasselblad V system:

180mm f4 CFi Sonnar lens with caps, mint - $1,250
120mm f4 CFi Makro Planar lens with caps, mint - $850
A12 chrome, latest film back, matching insert, original box, dark slide, mint like new - $380
Extension tubes with rear cap, each mint - 16E $60, 32E boxed $90, 56E $70
8mm extension tube, some wear but working - $20
Latest ProShade 6093T with B60 adaptor, 250 mask mint in original box - $190
Filters B60 81A, UV sky & UV sky (1A), excellent - $30 each
Rear cover multi control 51070 with instructions (and extra set of holes to check shading with the smaller CFV 16 back) - $20
Flash holder to fit alongside V body - $20
Focusing hood magnifier minus (-) 2 diopters for waist level finders, unused in box - $25
Empty box for 503CW camera body - $10 (yeah people do buy them)

If you wish to buy anything, please let me know. Include your email address so I can send you some pics. I have a good record here and on L_L_, but mostly on the bay. Buyer please pays shipping and I'll wear the paypal cut.

Best wishes