Leaf Aptus ii 10 digital back with charger and 4 Lexmar 4000 mAh Batteries, Leaf Soft Case of back, $8O00. OBO

THIS BACK HAS A TRADE IN VALUE OF $9000 toward a new Leaf digital back

I am selling to purchase a CMOS live view back, so it will not be available much longer.

I am the original owner, 27,600 actuations. Back works as new. Sensor glass immaculate. There are some minor scuffs on the body from storing the back in a hard, sealed OXO plastic container. Screen in excellent condition.

The back can be package the with a Mamiya AFD II and 80mm lens in excellent condition for $8600.

Or the back can be packaged with an Arca Swiss 6x9 F line in excellent condition with orbit tilt ($650 value), a Mamiya adapter plate ($450 value), and a Bill Maxwell focusing screen ($385 Value) for $10,600.

The Maxwell screen and ground glass frame have been aligned for use with the Aptus II 10 back by Bill Mortez at Pro Camera. The orbix tilt and Bill Maxwell screen are essential additions to the Arc 6x9 for achieving critical focus with high resolution digital backs. I will also throw in a custom bag bellows made by a bellows maker in England that will allow extreme shifts with wide angle lens.

The Aptus II 10 has a 56x36 size sensor with 9334 x 6000 active pixels, 12 stop dynamic range, with 16 bits per channel color depth. It has a 3.5" screen, with 100% view, over and under exposure, histogram, ability to display images in black and white, and many choices for setting up the back and viewing files. You can also select a development curve for the original master. This great feature is not available on newer Credo backs.

The Aptus II 10 is a very cost effective choice compared to the IQ and Credo 60 mega pixel backs and produces comparable image quality. Can make beautiful 40x60 prints from the large sensor.

I have 100% rating on Ebay for approximately 150 sales and purchases I have made over the years for my photography and film business.

I will accept paypal (must pay Paypal fee) for U.S. and Canadian sales and consider overseas sales on a case by case basis.

Thanks, *Drew Harty

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