Leaf Aptus II 10 digital back with charger and 4 Lexmar 4000 mAh Batteries, Leaf Soft Case of back, $7300. OBO

THIS BACK HAS A TRADE IN VALUE OF $9000 toward a new Leaf digital back

This is your last chance to purchase this back at a very good price. I will be taking it off the market soon. If you are contemplating the purchase of a new Leaf back, buying this should be a no brainer.

I am the original owner, 27,600 actuations. Back works as new. Sensor glass immaculate. There are some minor scuffs on the body from storing the back in a hard, sealed OXO plastic container. Screen in excellent condition.

The back can be package the with a Mamiya AFD II and 80mm lens in excellent condition for $8100.

The Aptus II 10 has a 56x36 size sensor with 9334 x 6000 active pixels, 12 stop dynamic range, with 16 bits per channel color depth. It has a 3.5" screen, with 100% view, over and under exposure, histogram, ability to display images in black and white, and many choices for setting up the back and viewing files. You can also select a development curve for the original master. This great feature is not available on newer Credo backs.

The Aptus II 10 is a very cost effective choice compared to the IQ and Credo 60 mega pixel backs and produces comparable image quality. Can make beautiful 40x60 prints from the large sensor.

I have 100% rating on Ebay for approximately 150 sales and purchases I have made over the years for my photography and film business.

I will accept paypal (must pay Paypal fee) for U.S. and Canadian sales and consider overseas sales on a case by case basis.

Thanks, Drew Harty

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